Residence permits


A brief overview of the international conditions for residence permit

Latvia – one of the few countries which over the years has attracted willing to put their money in real estate. And this is understandable, since the proposed price level favorably comparable with the pros get in return from the purchase.
Below is a brief overview of the countries offering the residence permit in exchange for the purchase of real estate.

1. Turkey – any amount

Immigration law Turkey favorably to foreign investors. Turkey can visit without visas, and any real estate buyers can qualify for a residence permit.

There is no minimum threshold value of the property to obtain a residence permit. However, having the status of residence permit in Turkey, it is impossible to carry out a trip to Europe without a visa, as this country is not part of the EU.

However, Turkish resorts are attractive both in terms of recreation and investment.

2. Malta – from 220 000 euros

The investor will receive the status of a residence permit, if the value of his purchase of real estate in Malta is 220 000 euro on the island of Gozo and Malta in the south to 275 000 in other places.

Tenant in the amount of not less than 8750-9600 euros per year (depending on the location of the object) can also get a residence permit in Malta.

In addition, in November 2013 with the opportunity to obtain citizenship of Malta to the listing in the National Development Fund is not less than 650 000 euros. For each family member is required to pay an additional 20-50 thousand. Euro.

3. Greece – 250 000 euros

In Greece, the law of the “golden visa” from May 2013, which gives the right to a residence permit when buying property in the amount of 250 000 euros. If necessary, you can buy multiple items cheap property in Greece aggregate value of 250,000 euros.

This document does not grant the right to work in Greece and allows travel to the investor and his family within the Schengen area not more than 3 consecutive months.

Residence permit is also issued on the basis of business, transfer of not less than 60 000 a Greek bank (“investment residence permit”).

4. Latvia – 250 000 euros

On September 1, 2014 Latvia is possible to obtain a five-year residence permit, buying real estate (1 object) value of not less than 250 000 euros.

Also, the buyer is obliged to pay a one-time charge to the State of Latvia in the amount of 5% of the project cost. The cadastral value of the object must not be less than 80 000 euros.

5. Hungary – 250,000 euros

Invest at least 250,000 euros in the purchase of government bonds in Hungary, you can qualify for permanent residence. Duration of run investment – five years. After this period, the investor will be refunded in full and without interest.

In addition, after the acquisition of real estate in Hungary visa category D, which can lay claim becomes the start to get a residence permit for 1 year.

6. Bulgaria – € 300 000

Temporary residence permit in Bulgaria you can get when buying a home for 300 000 euros, according to the law, which came into force in the spring of 2013, when it was changed immigration law in order to attract wealthy investors.

At the same time Bulgaria remains one of the most affordable countries for Russians: a residence permit can be obtained by purchasing the cheaper real estate. Today Bulgaria has more than 350 000 Russian owners. Total Russians owned housing in the amount of about 18 billion euros.

7. Cyprus – € 300 000

Residence permit in Cyprus can be obtained by a rather simplified scheme when buying real estate from 300 000 euros. Thus this amount gives you a chance to apply and also to relocate.

To obtain a residence permit in Cyprus not only need to provide a contract for the purchase of real estate in the migration service, but also to confirm their income – is an important requirement for the government of Cyprus.

Annual shall be at the rate of about 9,400 euros per head of the family and 4700 euros for each dependent family member.

Residence permit in Cyprus, under the rules of the “golden visa”, issued for a period of 5 years. Then you can get permanent residence in Cyprus, and after 2 years – the coveted EU passport resident.

It is important to know that Cyprus has not entered the Schengen zone, although a member of the European Union

8. Andorra – € 400 000

In Andorra, for the decoration of the passive residence permit without the right to a formal employment of foreigners to invest in any assets, including real estate, on the territory of a State not less than 400 000 euros, or place bearing deposit in the same amount in the local financial institution.

Also, the investor must reside in Andorra at least 90 days a year and have officially confirmed the annual income of not less than 36 000 and 12 000 euros – for each dependent family member.

Residence permit in Andorra gives the right to freely move around Spain and France, and open a bank account offshore.

9. Spain – € 500 000

Article 60 of the Law “On support entrepreneurs,” provides for the issuance of residence permit in Spain when buying real estate and other assets in the country in the amount of not less than € 500 000. It is noteworthy that take advantage of a mortgage or a loan from Spanish banks fail.

We wish to become the owner of the Spanish “golden visa” should carefully read the bill, because in practice being investigated following nuances: for example, a potential buyer of real estate, Spanish banks will not give mortgages, and among other documents for residence permit in Spain must submit a certificate of good conduct.

In addition, in order not to lose their residence permit, you must reside in Spain for at least six months of the year and pay taxes to the Spanish Treasury.

10. Portugal – EUR 500 000

Holders of a residence permit in Portugal could become buyers of several houses that cost at least EUR 500 000. At the same time sell the house for 5 years, it is impossible. In general, foreigners bought a house in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

11. Ireland – 1 000 000 EUR

To obtain a residence permit in Ireland, you must spend at least 1 000 000 EUR without borrowing, of which 500 000 euros in investments in real estate (for his own residence and not for rental), another half a million euros – in securities.

Such “minimal” investment in Ireland given the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for five years for the whole family of the investor.

12. United Kingdom – 2 500 000 euros

Residence permit in the UK can be obtained through major investments. Under the new rules, in force since November 2014, from now on, you must have at least 2 million pounds (more than 2.5 million euros), previously had enough of 1 million pounds, while some of them could invest in real estate.

Henceforth, all the money must be invested in the UK, for example, in government securities or funds, the list of which defines the government. Buying real estate is no longer a part of the investor program.

13. France – 10 million euros

For non-residents of wealthy special program through which you can get a residence permit in France for exceptional economic contribution.

For this businessman, owning at least 30% of the capital

French companies to invest 10 million euros. In addition, you want to create or preserve at least 50 jobs.

14. Austria – 10 million euros

Austrian citizenship can be obtained through investment in the economy directly, ie bypassing the permit and permanent residence status (long periods of naturalization, residence for 10 years).

Austrian passport can be obtained on the basis of economic investment, invest in a joint venture or through direct investment in the Austrian business that will provide jobs.
The minimum required amount of investment is equal to the sum of 10 000 000 euros.

Getting Austrian citizenship, have to abandon existing. Exceptions are made only for high-value investors, refugees and granted dual citizenship by birth.